Aspendale Tiny Forest 2023

In October 2023 Garden Crown collaborated with scientist Dr Oliva Sackitt to plant a Tiny Forest in Aspendale. Here is the story…

What is a Tiny Forest?

Tiny Forests grown using the Miyawaki technique demonstrate impressive growth rates, up to ten times faster than standard tree plantations. This rapid growth not only supports diverse ecosystems, but also contributes significantly to increased carbon sequestration. Once properly established, these forests require no weeding or watering after the first three years.

In urban environments, where heat absorption and retention by pavement and buildings pose challenges, tiny forests offer a solution by effectively reducing temperatures, and increasing environmental resilience. The Miyawaki Method offers a practical and scalable solution to address the pressing challenges of deforestation and habitat loss.

Why grow one?

  • Restoration of the original habitat for local wildlife including birds, butterflies, lizards & frogs
  • Cooling – the forest temperature will often be at least 10º cooler than surrounding areas
  • Drawing down carbon to create a cleaner air space
  • Creating a habitat with biodiversity, water retention, shade and enironmental resilience
  • Connecting community and enhancing relationships with the local environment

How we did it!

The benefits

Connecting people with indigenous habitats, fostering a caretaker approach to local environment

Planting & monitoring forests empowers citizen scientists with STEM skills

Restoring local ecosystems, increasing biodiversity, attracting native animals

Tiny Forests offer a fast-track to achieving decarbonization, mitigating climate change and improving air quality

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