Spring is coming 🙂

The focus of the Garden Crown project is changing.
Our goal is to plant trees, trees and more trees. Inspired by Clive Blazey’s book “We Speak for the Trees” – If We Each Grow 160 Trees Over 10 Years We Can Hold Back Climate Change. We are growing trees from seed and planting trees we are gifted and our goal is to acheive this figure within 3 years.

Also we want to work at a local level to inspire children and everyone in the community to grow their own produce, plant trees and flowers, regenerate our soil and feel a passion for being in and connected to nature. We volunteer at Aspendale Primary School and Aspendale North Kindergarten to help bring their garden clubs to life, by donating seedlings and our time.

A Pocket Forest!

Currently we are working on a rewilding project with a local family on Laura St Aspendale, to create a pocket forest. The pocket forest concept was developed by Akira Miyawaki, who has planted many pocket forests around the world often in cities, using indigenous species, very densely planted to create competition which encourages fast vigorous growth of the seedlings. The benefits include restoration of the habitat for wildlife, reinvigoration of the local species, and of course carbon extraction from our urban environment.

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